That’s a question many of us that are in that group ask. We wonder ‘Is CBD safe for seniors’ to help them move toward their active lifestyle goals? That’s a question that we’ll get to after some foundational tenets. Well let’s start first with how very important an active healthy lifestyle is a priority if we want to achieve optimal health. Physical exercise is a must if your goal is optimal physical and mental health. We at Mellow Road want to encourage and motivate you on this journey. In this short article we will discuss how eating the proper foods can fuel your workouts to give you more energy. Another important factor to remember when you are exercising regularly is the importance of pre-workout and post-workout stretches to prevent pulled muscles, sprains and pain. It’s here where CBD as an analgesic option might come in, but let’s start with a focus on diet, to make sure you’re equipping yourself with sustain via nutrition.

Eating for Optimal Performance


If you like to exercise in the morning, it is a good idea to eat a light breakfast an hour before your workout. Eating carbohydrates before exercise can improve your performance because your body needs fuel to optimally perform. If you don’t eat, you may feel lightheaded and weak.

Below is a list of good breakfast ideas:

  • smoothie with healthy ingredients
  • yogurt
  • fruit
  • Whole-grain cereals or bread
  • Low-fat milk
  • Juice
  • coffee (if you normally drink coffee)

Avoid Big Meals 

Eating a large meal before exercising can cause cramps and side aches. If you have eaten a large meal, wait 3-4 hours before exercising.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks before and even during exercise are helpful, especially if the workout will last 60 minutes or more.

Good snack options include:

  • An energy bar
  • A banana, an apple or other fresh fruit
  • Yogurt
  • A fruit smoothie
  • A whole-grain bagel or crackers
  • A low-fat granola bar
  • A peanut butter sandwich
  • Sports drink or diluted juice

Eat After You Finish Exercising

After a workout it is important to refuel and replenish. Good post-workout food choices include:

  • Yogurt and fruit
  • Peanut butter sandwich
  • Low-fat chocolate milk and pretzels
  • Post-workout recovery smoothie
  • Turkey on whole-grain bread with vegetables

Drink Plenty of Water

It is important to drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise to prevent dehydration.

Drink about 2 to 3 cups of water during the 2 to 3 hours before your workout.

Drink about 1/2 to 1 cup of water every 15 to 20 minutes during your workout.

Is CBD safe for seniors? Well, the first step before starting any exercise regimen is to talk to your doctor and make sure you are fit enough to start a rigorous training program. Seniors tend to be aware of their bodies and know the warning signs that indicate there might be a health concern that is worth discussing with your physician. Also, ask your doctor if it is OK for you to try CBD. This is of particular importance if you are taking other medications that potentially could be an adverse drug interaction. If your physician approves of you trying CBD in your pursuit of an active and healthier lifestyle, always follow the directions on the packaging. Remember, start with the lowest recommended dose, and adjust as needed. Use extra care not to exceed the recommendations as this may cause an adverse reaction. Where to start?

Mellow Road Pre-Workout Capsules

Our Pre-workout capsules are packed with powerful ingredients like CBD along with L-Arginine, Glutamine, Beta Alanine and other amino acids to promote overall health and wellness. During workouts that are routine and regular, these capsules will give you all the benefits of Mellow Road’s hemp extract. It is recommended that you take our pre-workout capsules 1 hour before a workout with a glass of water.

Pre-Workout Stretching

Is it good to stretch before exercising? You bet! If you have been sitting all day at your desk or driving in the car your muscles and joints may likely be very stiff. Before heading out for some exercise to shake away the stress of the day, it is important to allow some time for some stretches. The best type of stretches to get your body warmed up are called dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretches are meant to get your body moving. They can mimic the movements that your body will make during your workout. The goal of dynamic stretches is to put your joints and muscles through a full range of motion. Some examples of dynamic stretches are squats, lunges, arm circles, leg swings and jumping jacks. Dynamic stretches will only take a few extra minutes and they can prevent serious injuries and pain. After you complete your workout, it is a good idea to do some static exercises. We will explain this later in the article.

After You Have Finished Exercising

Post-Workout Stretching

After you have completed your workout you are probably experiencing that ‘high’ feeling that is a result of the release of endorphins. Now it is time to begin your post-workout cool down.

The idea is to move a muscle as far as you can and then hold that position  for 30-45 seconds. This allows the tired and constricted muscle to relax. you should feel a slight pull but it should not hurt. Each exercise should be repeated 2 or 3 times. Some examples of static stretches are calf stretches, toe touches, shoulder stretches, knee to chest, butterfly stretches and side bends. Read on for more information available to answer the question, ‘Is CBD safe for seniors?’.

After a workout it is important to refuel and replenish. Good post-workout food choices include:

  • Yogurt and fruit
  • Peanut, Almond, or Cashew butter sandwich
  • Sweeteners? Stick with Honey or other natural sweeteners, unprocessed preferably.
  • Low-fat chocolate milk and pretzels
  • Post-workout recovery smoothie
  • Turkey on whole-grain bread with vegetables

Drink roughly 2 to 3 cups of water after your workout.

If your workout lasts more than 60 minutes,  you may need to drink a sports drink to replenish electrolytes.

Post-Workout Capsules

The post-workout capsules have been formulated to keep you moving on your road to health, through those aches and pains that can slow you down or even knock you out of commission. Take after your workout with at least 8 ounces of water. After any physical exercise your body naturally responds and starts muscle tissue rebuilding and strengthening. CBD can be very beneficial before and after intense workouts. Is CBD safe for seniors? Tens of millions of seniors are already using CBD and report great success, so we think it’s a valid option for many of us that are older, wiser, and generally more likely to need an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. We recommend you check with your health care provider before beginning an exercise routine, as well as before taking any new medications or supplements.

Additional reading: So to help answer the question, ‘Is CBD safe for seniors?’ In researching the wide field of applications and in particular neurologically based studies for our Brain Support Capsules we found this study invaluable. It is not light reading, but we feel it would be worth it, you’ll likely be quite surprised at some of their findings.