At What Age is CBD Legal in Michigan

At What Age is CBD Legal in Michigan?

Over the past few years, CBD and hemp-derived products have gained immense popularity, helping to offer incredible health and wellness benefits. However, with this popularity comes the need for some regulations, including age restrictions. Just like many other states, there are specific rules in place when it comes to answering, “At what age is CBD legal in Michigan?”

In this comprehensive guide, our team at Mellow Road CBD will delve into the age restrictions surrounding CBD purchases in Michigan. We’ll navigate the legal framework and provide you with all the important details you need to know, whether you’re a consumer or a business owner.

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Understanding CBD

Before we jump into the legal jargon and learn all about what age CBD is legal in Michigan, it is important that we take a quick look at what CBD is all about. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. What sets it apart from its cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is that it doesn’t give you that “high” feeling that THC is known for. Instead, CBD offers a range of potential health benefits, promoting well-being and a sense of euphoria for many.

One of the great things about CBD is its versatility. This is why you can find it in various forms, such as oils, capsules, gummies, creams, and even beverages. Its popularity has soared, making it a common addition to wellness routines for folks all over the state. So buckle up, and let’s explore the legal side of this incredible compound together!

Legality – is CBD Legal in Michigan?

Hemp Farming Act 641: Back in 2018, the U.S. government gave the green light to hemp farming through the Farm Bill. In Michigan, we followed suit in 2019 with the Hemp Farming Act 641. This law harmonizes our state rules with the federal regulations, allowing the production and sale of CBD products derived from hemp.

Licensing and Regulation: The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) oversees the hemp program in the state. CBD products are required to meet certain quality and safety standards, including containing less than 0.3% THC. 

Age Restrictions for Purchasing CBD in Michigan

As for the commonly asked question, “How old do you have to be to buy CBD in Michigan?”, the legal age to purchase CBD in Michigan is 21 years old. This age restriction is consistent with the legal drinking age for alcohol and the minimum age for purchasing tobacco products. To buy CBD products, whether it is CBD oil, gummies, or topicals, you will need to provide proof of age that verifies that you are 21 or older.

It’s essential to note that age verification is a standard practice in businesses that sell CBD products. Retailers, both in physical stores and online platforms, will typically request identification, such as a driver’s license or state ID, to confirm your age before completing the purchase.

Penalties for Selling CBD to Minors

When understanding whether CBD is legal in Michigan, it is important to note that businesses that sell CBD products in the state must adhere to the age restriction laws. Selling CBD to individuals under the age of 21 can result in severe penalties, including fines and the potential loss of their license to sell CBD products. To avoid these consequences, responsible retailers take age verification seriously and ensure that they do not sell CBD to minors.

Tips for Consumers

If you are a consumer interested in purchasing CBD in Michigan, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

Be Prepared to Show ID: Heading out to buy CBD? Don’t forget your ID! Whether you’re at a store or shopping online, having your driver’s license or state ID handy makes the process smooth and ensures you’re legally covered.

Verify the product: Choose wisely! It is very important that you stick to reputable sellers who follow state rules. Look for products with quality and safety tests. Lab reports should be available, giving you peace of mind about what you’re consuming.

Research the product: Like any product, be sure you do a bit of research before you buy. Understand the CBD product you’re eyeing—its intended use, recommended dosage, and potential benefits. Knowledge is power!

Consult a Healthcare Professional: Do you have any health concerns or are on medications? It’s smart to chat with a healthcare professional before diving into CBD. They can help figure out if it’s right for you and what the right dosage might be.

Start with a Low Dosage: If you’re new to CBD, start low and slow. Begin with a smaller dose and gradually increase it if needed. Your body’s response matters, so let it adjust at its own pace. Stay safe and enjoy your CBD journey! If you have questions, feel free to ask. We’re here to help! 


CBD is all the rage for wellness these days, and Michigan’s no exception. If you’re in the state considering CBD products and wondering, “What age is CBD legal in Michigan?” you’ve got to be 21, just like for alcohol and tobacco. It’s not just a rule; it’s the law.

Those age requirements are there for a reason, so let’s all play fair. If you’re in the CBD business, it is important to pay close attention! Selling to underage folks is no good; it can land you in some serious trouble. Fines and losing your license? Definitely not worth it.

As CBD gains more ground in Michigan and beyond, understanding the legal landscape is key. Lucky for you, this comprehensive guide has provided you with some expert advice and tips. By sticking to these guidelines, you can confidently navigate the CBD world as a savvy consumer or a responsible business owner.

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