Breakfast CBD Bundle


Start your day off right with your Breakfast CBD Bundle!

  • Pick your coffee flavor : Natural, Irish Cream or Caramel Macchiato
  • Pick your spread: Cashew Butter, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter
  • Honey in every bundle, use it to sweeten your coffee!
  • Part of our popular CBD Edibles and CBD Coffee line!

No more feeling like you are in a fog. Face your day head on, with a new focus and energy!

The Path Ahead Just Became Clearer!


Adding CBD to coffee! Enjoy Mellow Road CBD infused coffees a part of your morning routine or any time of day. The caffeine interacts with the small dose of CBD to create an alertness without the jitters.This delicious blend goes down smoothly and tastes great with one of our CBD Nut Butters on toast.


Multiple studies have indicated that the nutritional composition of honey may offer several wellness benefits. And as for clean eating, you can’t find a more suitable and nutritious sweet delight. There are more than 300 distinct kinds of honey across the world in various vicinities, but we are partial to our all natural Mellow Road CBD Honey.

We Handle Our Nuts With Love And Respect

You’ll find that our nut butters, including Mellow Road CBD Almond Butter, is slowly stone-ground. This creates a unique, rich, creamy, whole food experience and unmatched flavor.

CBD & Coffee- A Great Combo!

Adding CBD to Coffee! Did you know that CBD and caffeine have been found to increase serotonin, the happy hormone. This dynamic duo may be just the thing to lift your spirits and keep you focused on your goals. Try our shop page!