Equine CBD for Health

Equine CBD? Can it help?

As a horse owner, whether you train, compete professionally, or just love them and care for them and ride casually, you know how heartbreaking it is when they are not themselves. They are more than just an animal; they are a part of the family. You want to try everything you can to get them back to their usual happy, healthy, and energetic self. 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, more often known as CBD, is becoming increasingly popular among people, as well as among their dogs and horses. This particular chemical component is extracted from the cannabis plant, but contrary to what is a common misconception, it is not going to get your horse high. It does not cause a euphoric response, in horses, nor in humans for that matter. It is a naturally occurring substance that is extracted from a non-marijuana version of hemp and used in a wide range of products to help treat anxiety, pain, and inflammation, among other things. 

We are horse owners and we use Cannabidiol (CBD) in our large animal care. Because of this, we have painstakingly refined our equine formula to provide all of the benefits available in organic Equine CBD hemp.

Mellow Road’s Equine CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anxiety-reducing effects may make it easier for horses to deal with the symptoms of a number of common conditions, such as:

  • Pain and inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Ongoing stress
  • Soreness
  • Stiffness

Mellow Road’s large animal tincture formulation is designed to improve your animal and it’s quality of life. Equine CBD is given to horses to help their natural metabolic processes work better and to help them recover faster after hard physical activity.  

CBD can help with the following: 

  • Increasing appetite and metabolism
  • Mood and emotional state
  • Mobility
  • Gut and digestive health
  • Skin irritation
  • Immune system

Equine CBD: How will I know if it is working?

Changes in your horse’s behavior are something you should look out for if you want to know whether or not CBD is doing its job. For instance, if the horse is in so much pain that it refuses to eat or drink, you may notice an improvement in appetite or general mood after administering CBD to the horse for a few days.

After a few days of taking CBD, you may notice that your horse is more relaxed, likes to investigate, and spend more time outside. This is especially true if your horse has been feeling a little anxious.

Each horse responds to CBD uniquely as each animal’s own ECS (Endocannabinoid System) works to manage and achieve systemic homeostasis. Because you are the one who is most familiar with your horse, you are also the person who is most likely to be able to recognize signs of improvement once you have determined the appropriate amount of CBD.

When it comes to the amount of time it takes for CBD to be absorbed into the body, the typical range is anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour after the product has been absorbed, and this applies to both oral and transdermal administration methods. Mellow Road CBD horse tincture comes with a non-glass dropper tube for oral administration, but we still recommend application on feed.

For more information about how Mellow Road CBD’s organic, US-grown equine CBD can help your horse’s health and well-being, read more on the product page here.