Interested in purchasing CBD products in South Haven, Michigan? Look no further than Mellow Road CBD’s online store, where you’ll discover an exceptional range of top-tier CBD offerings.

Whether you’re in search of premium CBD Oils, fruity CBD Gummies, or a variety of women’s CBD products, Mellow Road’s convenient online platform is merely a click away. You may be in search of something to apply topically to your skin or looking for something edible to use to wind down after a long day- needless to say, they have you covered!

They work actively to encourage valued customers to explore the lab results page for each of our offerings, empowering you with precise knowledge about the contents you’re incorporating into your well-being.

Our Most Popular CBD Products in South Haven

CBD Mixed Berry Gummies

CBD Gummies- Mixed Berry

Indulge in the delightful world of wellness with Mellow Road’s popular “Berry CBD Gummies.” Each gummy is infused with a generous 30 MG of broad spectrum CBD, ensuring a consistent and high-quality dosage in every bite.

With a total of 30 gummies per bottle, you have a convenient and long-lasting supply that seamlessly fits into your routine. Simply savor 1-2 gummies daily, chewing them thoroughly for maximum enjoyment and effectiveness.

Crafted with care, these Berry CBD Gummies are formulated using premium organic CBD sourced from reputable farms in the United States. Experience a range of positive effects without the psychoactive high associated with THC, allowing you to embrace all the positive feelings while staying grounded and focused. With the perfect blend of taste and wellness, our Berry CBD Gummies offer a scrumptious and enjoyable way to enhance your daily routine.

CBD Pet Tincture

CBD Pet Tincture, 500 MG

For those looking for CBD products for your pets, why not improve your pet’s health with Mellow Road CBD’s unique offering, like the “500 MG CBD Pet Tincture? Each bottle has a powerful 500 MG concentration of top-quality, broad-spectrum CBD that has been created to aid in the health journey of your animal friend. A serving size of 1 dropper full, or 16.6 MG of CBD, makes it simple and accurate to administer the ideal dosage to satisfy each of your pet’s unique CBD needs.

This CBD tincture, which is made with the utmost devotion to quality, is composed of organic CBD which is obtained from reliable growers. Without any harmful additions, this unflavored tincture guarantees flawless absorption into your pet’s routine. It’s never been simpler to adjust the dosage to your pet’s specific needs with an accurate dropper, letting you optimize your pet’s wellbeing!

Timeless CBD Cream

Timeless CBD Cream

The Timeless CBD Cream is a restorative product with a number of advantages that endure the test of time. This cream gives your beauty regimen a loving touch by including 100 MG of THC-free CBD. It’s more than simply a cream since it contains Matrixyl 3000®, PhytoCellTec®, and Argireline®; it’s a perfect companion in your journey toward softer, more even-toned skin. 

This CBD Cream, a non-greasy solution created with organic CBD that is exclusively grown in the United States, revitalizes your skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and beautiful. It opens the way for a younger, more certain you, whether you’re getting ready for an energizing workout or committing to a committed, healthier lifestyle. Enjoy the subtle relaxation that pure CBD gives as you move forward; it will help you feel more satisfied with your accomplishments while harnessing the benefits of cannabidiol. Just apply the desired amount directly to your skin and massage it in a circular motion until fully absorbed.

Test Results and Certifications

Mellow Road CBD takes pride in its everlasting dedication to openness and high-quality products. Their unwavering commitment to providing the best CBD products has led them to implement a strict quality control system that guarantees each one meets the highest standards of excellence. 

All of their products are rigorously tested, demonstrating their dedication to quality, potency, and consistency. Customers may simply get test results on the dedicated lab results page if they’re looking for extensive insights into the strength and purity of their CBD products. This dedication to openness not only demonstrates their faith in their goods but also equips clients with the information they need to make wise decisions regarding their wellness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! In the state of Michigan, hemp-derived CBD products that contain THC that is below 0.3% are allowed to be consumed or purchased. You can enjoy these products freely, but be sure to check out local regulations if you travel out of state!

CBD is free of THC, which is known for providing the feeling of being high. Instead, consumers using CBD have the potential to feel relaxed and at ease wherever they go! 

Mellow Road CBD advises you not to use CBD when operating machinery or if you are pregnant. For more questions or information about integrating CBD into your wellness lifestyle, it is advisable to speak to any medical professional.

CBD, or better known as cannabidiol, effects can start to take effect at different times, depending on a number of variables. How soon CBD works can ultimately depend on a number of factors, including dosage, metabolism, body weight, and individual body chemistry. Generally speaking, CBD effects may be noticed within 15 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion.

It is immediately absorbed into the circulation through the tissues beneath the tongue when it is consumed sublingually, such as through CBD tinctures or oils. In contrast, consumable goods like CBD-infused gummies or capsules require more time since they must first be passed through the digestive system before they can enter circulation. 

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