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Our Most Popular CBD in Canton, Michigan

CBD Caramels

CBD Caramels

The team is thrilled to introduce you to our delightful CBD caramels at Mellow Road. They’re not just caramels; they’re your ticket to infusing the goodness of CBD into your daily wellness routine! Each serving is loaded with 25 MG of full spectrum CBD, offering us all a balanced and holistic experience. And guess what? The package comes with 20 individually wrapped caramel squares, making it super easy for you to enjoy them at your convenience.

These caramels aren’t just any treats; they’re a tasty way to introduce CBD into your lifestyle! Whether you savor them on their own or get creative by adding them to your favorite recipes, they have a rich, creamy taste that makes your CBD journey enjoyable.

What’s special about our caramels? Well, we believe in quality and flavor with every bite. That’s why we use organic CBD cultivated right here in the United States, combined with a thoughtfully chosen blend of ingredients. And for the magic touch, our caramels make use of the entourage effect. We’ve included a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, potentially enhancing the wellness benefits of CBD. It’s like a flavor-packed journey to better physical and mental health!

So whether you’re looking to enhance your workouts, boost your overall well-being, or simply find a moment of peace, our Mellow Road CBD Caramels are here for you. Dive in and enjoy them on their own, or get creative and incorporate them into your meals. Your path to a healthier, happier you starts with every delicious bite!

Immune Support Capsules

CBD Immune Support Capsules

These exclusive CBD Immine Support Capsules by Mellow Road give you a powerful blend of wellness-enhanced ingredients that are designed to help your immune system and support overall health! The organic, American-grown 10 MG CBD found in each capsule makes it a holistic supplement for your everyday wellness routine. A potent combination of immune-stimulating ingredients, including Elderberry, Echinacea, Garlic, Acai Berry, Curcumin C3 Complex, Bioperine, Beet Root Extract, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, and Cordyceps, are included in these capsules. With this painstakingly created formula, you will receive the best immune support on the market. In turn, you may give your body the tools it needs to maintain a robust immune system- acting as a vital component of an active and healthy lifestyle!

These capsules are all about putting you in control of your preventive health journey and encouraging a long-term perspective on your well-being. By incorporating this supplement into your daily routine, you’re taking a conscious step toward maximizing your longevity, enhancing your quality of life, and putting your wellness front and center. We’ve taken inspiration from pioneers like Linus Pauling, who emphasized the vital role of nutritional supplements in supporting both physical and mental health. These capsules are a testament to well-researched areas of nutritional health, carefully curated just for you.

In conclusion, this offers an unparalleled all-organic option that aligns with the latest advancements in health and wellness. With one capsule taken orally 1-2 times daily, along with a full 8oz glass of water, you can embark on a research-based approach to nurturing your immune system and overall well-being.

CBD-Infused Coffee Beans

Another customer favorite is our CBD-infused coffee beans. With these, you can rest assured that you are purchasing organic whole beans that are obtained directly from the lush Costa Rican landscapes- including 500 MG of broad spectrum CBD per bag. With the ability to really elevate your coffee experience, this mix provides you with a cup that boosts your alertness without the jitters associated with coffee. 

Choose from mouth watering flavors including natural, caramel macchiato, and Irish cream for your favorite brewing technique and benefit from the simplicity of selecting either bags or k-pod! Beyond just being a delicious beverage, our CBD-infused coffee helps you achieve your wellness goals by enhancing focus, elevating mood, and motivating your body to practice healthy habits.

Making Mellow Road CBD-Infused coffee beans your trusted friend on the way to a balanced and fulfilling life can help you wave goodbye to lethargy and embrace vitality. It is ideal to conquer your tasks and workouts, big or small, with the help of this ideal and mild stimulant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! When the game–changer law known as the Farm Bill was implemented in 2018 – this made consumption and purchases of CBD possible. It did specify that the THC content of these CBD products must be less than or equal to .3%. This THC content is the primary contributor to intoxication, or the “high” experience you find present in marijuana. 

This can depend on a few factors, such as: your genetics, the CBD product you’re using, and even your previous exposure to CBD. Generally, however, CBD does not provide you with the intoxicating effects of THC (found in marijuana).

 Our customers generally feel a sense of relaxation, mood enhancement, and overall well being when using these products!

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